So, why did I start to write blogs?

We have our own space. We do not need paper. We do not need a publisher. (Of course, with all due respect to papers and ink). We can post them on social medias or blog it. People who regard Google as their professor will somehow end up in your post. So, the one with a little vocabulary and a lot of experience can always blog. So I started it.


“Momma, I like him”

“Momma, I really like him so much and I want to be with him forever. ” said the daughter. “I know, but, this cannot happen and I don’t think I can make you understand.” said momma. He and the daughter hugged each other for one last time with their heavy hearts and tear filled eyes….

Cute love story!

Vani unknowingly banged her head on to the door while she turned. As an involuntary reflex, drops of tear peeped out.  Shalu ran immediately to her and massaged her head. Vani couldn’t speak anything, she was filled with tears and emotions. Shalu’s voice traversed through her emotional voices, “Amma, are you alright?” “Yes, my sweetheart,…

Break up!

When you want to break up just to see how important you’re to him, you tend to hurt him with all kind of words and wait for his reaction. You post WhatsApp statuses and FB statuses and kindle his reaction. You wait for his call and text. You silently wish that he comes and stands…

Passport for students has been made easy!

Students staying away from parents and staying in hostel can get your passport very easily.  Documents you need to gather: Get a residential letter from your hostel warden. (Something similar to a bonafide certificate) Use this as an address proof and open a bank account. If you already have a bank account in some other…

Life as a train journey!

It’s a journey in a train! Fate, luck, hard work, will power, love, attitude are your engine drivers. (Like those characters in inside out movie) Your drivers decide everything. You never know your destination. There’s no permanent destination after all. One follows the other. It keeps changing tracks. Railroads keep forking. It never ends. There…

Two line lifestory of every daughter and son

My life is never about me, It’s always about you, Mom! The two line life story of every daughter and every son! This is true for almost all of us. Our happiness and sadness is decided upon our mom’s reaction to that situation. We will be scared of the entire world only when we fear…

Mom, do I have a second chance?

Can I be that zygote with 27 years of memories waiting to be implanted in your womb? Can I be that embryo who gave you nausea to tell you that I am inside? Can I be that fetus who changed positions inside, and feel your happiness? Can I see the dark pouch where I grew…

A short letter from women to MEN!

We may be the lioness. But, we regard you as our dictator.  We may be possessive like a kid.But, we understand your love for your mother. We may be the successful butterflies. But, we can remain as a cocoon in your beautiful home. We may be celebrities of school and college.But, we become your ardent…

How did my dad react when I failed in my exams?  

The report cards read 90+ in all other subjects except maths against which was written 34 and it was underlined with a red ink pen. The report cards that read 5th rank in my second standard now read “F”. I was not a rank holder this time. I was a failure who should sit for extra coaching every evening after school hours. But above all this, the most agonizing thing was to face my dad.

Is ego good or bad? 

EGO. The most spelt word in every relationship of this era. Is it ego that spoils a relationship? Is it such a deteriorating factor of our relationships? Maybe. Or maybe not. There are always three parts of ego that exists in us. The worst. The neutral. And the best. When I say “the worst”, it…

Are you going to gift someone?

So, you need not and should not have second thoughts when you are gifting your parents, close family, friends and teachers. But, you need to think umpteen times before you gift a person, whom your conscious mind will know that they are going to fall under those “temporary” category.

And so we miss childhood?

Gone are those days and here comes the era of responsibility. Has life been easy on you? Are you happy as a grown up?
I heard a voice over!